How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs cannot be removed with over-the-counter insecticides. But still do not worry, there are many treatments that cure bed bugs and the effectiveness of bed bugs. Vacuum cleaners are also recommended but the best one is heat treatment. Pest control heat treatment creates a warm temperature up to 80-100 degree that kills the bed bugs permanently. This process is just for some minutes and gives an effective result. Follow the precaution is essential, before undergoing the heat treatment. Follow what you should do.

Things To Do Before Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We are describing the precaution according to the goods and items.

For Clothes

Bed bugs get attached to the cloth’s fabric. To prevent your clothes to reintroduce from the bed bugs, follow this:

  • Loosely pack your clothes in the laundry basket and keep it secure.
  • Although if there is a drawer in the room, keep it outside for ventilation and prevention.
  • If clothes on the hanger can be left in the closet, if there is large space for ventilation in it. So, the point to note is keep clothes where there is open air and they are free to breathe.

For Beds

  • Move your bed away from the wall about 2 feet.
  • Remove all the boxes stored in the bed. Make sure to remove the under box goods and things. If they are sealed, still shift them to open air.
  • There is no need to remove the plastic wrapping box, mattress and other furniture.

Garbage Box

  • Bring a garbage box in the structure to be heated. So, make sure to open it and heat to be passed in it.
  • Heat will damage the inside bed bug for future. After all, it is the primary place where bugs breed fast.

Items That Can Melt Or Explode

There are many items in the house that may blast or melt with the high temperature. So, you need to remove them or store them anywhere else. Items be like:

  • Pressurised cylinders.
  • Lighter
  • Paints & adhesive
  • Flammable chemicals.
  • Computer and its parts.
  • CD and DVD
  • Candles and Crayons.
  • Chocolate
  • Lipstick and cosmetic
  • Wine and beer bottles
  • Also vitamin and mineral supplements
  • And many more items

Living Plants

  • Remove your living plants from the house.
  • Also shift your aquarium if you have it.
  • Do for pets too. Also shift them to another room.

Common Mistake To Know

If your house undergoes heat treatment and you are following the above method, then it is good. Prevention is good, but make sure to consider not doing these common mistakes too. 

  • Do not move your goods and items to another room. The infection can transfer to the other room.
  • Do turn off the fans, air conditions and closed windows. Cross- check the item before professionals arrive at the house.

Book An Expert For Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs infestation continues to increase with time. So, it needs to be fixed on time. This is not possible to completely remove the bugs and their infestation from the house with home remedies. Thus, you need to contact a professional pest control Healesville company. We are a well-known company that deals in bed bugs treatment with heat and other chemical processes. You can get affordable bed bugs to control solutions from us. With our services, you will get a clean environment and a healthy lifestyle.